AC Maintenance Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City

Everybody knows it is better to maintain your AC than to have to fix it because its cheaper, easier, and more convenient than having a surprise air conditioning or heating breakdown. So why don’t people maintain their AC or heating system as often as they should? It’s simple: you won’t miss it until it’s gone! But in Las Vegas ask a homeowner whose AC goes out in Las Vegas how much they miss it. In our homes we use our air conditioning and heating more than we use our stoves hour wise. These systems are an integral part of health, safety and of course comfort so heating and ac maintenance is obviously important. But when should this routine maintenance be performed? Obviously, before something breaks, and most breakdowns occur during peak usage season in the summer time.
It is suggested that if at all possible you perform yearly maintenance every spring for two reasons:
To catch small problems before they become big. For example a small refrigerant leak in April is just a minor issue. In July it may mean a burned up compressor.
And also because wait times will be less. If your AC goes out in August imagine waiting a day for service, the service technician coming out, possibly a day for a part and then a reschedule to come back and fix it, all in 100+ degree temperatures.
At FCR AC we do handle many emergency calls as quickly as possible, summer or winter to keep your home cool or warm with as little downtime as possible but we don’t want you to have a breakdown. Call FCR AC to perform your AC maintenance in Las Vegas in the spring, and give us a call to look at your heater in the fall to save you money and hassle all year long.
Some items we may check (depending on system and service):
AC filters
Clean evaprotator and or condensor coils
refriegerant levels
visual inspection for damage from weather and or pests like pigeons or other critters
electrical components
and more

On your heating system we will also make sure things are working smoothly.

Also, as a homeowner you do not have to be Mr. or Ms. Home Improvement to keep your system running smoothly. Changing your air filters once a month is a small effort with big returns. We can show you how on our next visit just ask.

For more information on ac maintenance (and heating) see this informative link: